We are Durango Colorado's auto repair shop using state of the art technical equipment

Dealership Level Computer Equipment

For most of the European brands, we have the same programming and diagnostics equipment you would find at the dealerships.  This means in many cases, we can do the same things that the dealerships can such as re-programming and upgrading your car’s computer (flash programming).

Manufacturer’s Resources on Your Vehicle

At Animas Automotive, we have the same information provided by the manufacturer as the dealerships.  We have the ability to lookup Technical Service Bulletins, computer updates, notices, recalls and other information on your car.  We have the resources that allow us to properly repair and troubleshoot your vehicle as well.

Additionally, we subscribe to many industry websites that allow automotive repair technicians to collectively share their experiences and solutions to problems.  This greatly expands our shop’s experience to service your particular vehicle much better than ever before in history.

For a full list of Available Services on your Volkswagen please see: