Your Dealership Alternative

Front of Animas Automotive Auto Repair Shop in Durango, ColoradoThis Durango independent auto repair shop excels at keeping your car on the road longer! As an independent automotive service facility, we want to take care of your car so it can take care of you – a lot longer.

It’s known among savvy customers that the dealerships have a conflict of interest that can make them take care of their needs more than your own.  Truthfully, all businesses try to take care of their own needs.  But at Animas Automotive, we take care of our needs by caring for yours better.

Here’s what we mean.  If your car needs fewer repairs it saves you money, it saves you hassles, and it saves you time.  The path to fewer repairs is proper maintenance.  Yes, we like seeing you in our shop, but we would rather you are here because your car needs maintenance, not a big repair.  Yes, we are the best at repairs, but we are better at helping you avoid repairs.

Dealerships often have a few goals in mind.  They want you to do the maintenance, but the bare minimum.  Why?  Because when you have too much maintenance, their car brand looks more expensive to maintain, which scares away potential buyers.  Additionally, they really want to sell you another new car.  This naturally conflicts with our goals of wanting you to have a car that you can rely on for a long time.

We are Durango Colorado's auto repair shop using state of the art technical equipmentEqual or Better Service Capability Than Dealerships

At Animas Automotive, we provide you with service that usually exceeds the level of quality you find at dealerships.   We have the same equipment (often better), the same expertise (often better) and we have similar computer and online manufacturer’s resources.

These things allow us to provide your vehicle with the type of repairs and maintenance it really needs.

More Personal, Friendlier and More Convenient Auto Repair

When you come into our auto repair shop, you are greeted with a friendly and truly helpful service advisor that gets to know you and your car.  We have the time to talk to you about your car’s trouble, maintenance needs and answer all your questions.

Get friendlier and more personal care at Animas Automotive!We never talk down to you or over your head with confusing jargon.  We want to build a relationship with you that serves your best interests.  We do this by trying to understand your needs, your driving habits, and your car’s history among other information.

We are very accommodating to our customers.  We offer many conveniences that you don’t usually find at the dealerships too.  For example, we offer free pick up and delivery at the La Plata County Airport.  We also provide a complimentary shuttle service that allows you to just drive in with your car, drop it off and we give you a ride back home or to the office.  Then, we pick you up later.  And you’re not stuffed into a van with several other customers driving all over the place.  It’s usually just you and our driver going directly to your destination.  There’s more that makes our office convenient, you can read more about it here.