Body and Collision Repair



Our lead body professional has over 30 years 1965 Cobra Replica

of experience in exotic and domestic body repairs.


Let our experienced and trained professionals take care of the body damage your vehicle has sustained. From vehicle collision to wildlife damage, we can do the body repairs you need.

Fender benders, crumpled bumpers, smashed hoods, we can take care of it.

Detail oriented and caring, we will go the 2001 BMW X5

extra mile to get your car back to looking like new.

Living in Durango, Colorado comes with certain risks, such as the risk of wildlife related body damage. Deer, elk, small animal collisions, or even car washes that damage NEW paint. It’s all just part of life up here in the mountains, and we are capable of repairing the damage.


1986 Ford MustangThis 1989 Ford Mustang GT 2 DR Convertible took some heavy damage as you can tell. Thanks to our experienced body man, we were able to repair this vehicle’s pre-existing fender as opposed to ordering a whole new set of parts.

1986 Ford Mustang After Paint

It took just one week for our body man to turn this crunched front fender into a completely smooth repair.

Th2008 Ford Focus BEFOREis 2008 Ford Focus was brought in after being backed into. YIKES!

After Russel got his hands on it, a week later this is what

2008 Ford Focus AFTER

the customer got back. This is another example of a REPAIR to the rear quarter panel.


We did not purchase new, used, or aftermarket parts, we repaired the existing metal. This kind of repair, as opposed to a quarter panel replacement, can save the customer or insurance company up to $2,000!

This 2008 Honda CR-V was the victim of our first weather-related crash of the season. You can see how extensive the damage is down the side, and most (if not all) of the other body shops would opt to replace all of those quarter panels and fenders instead of repair them. As you can see, Russel took the time to straighten what he could and replace only what was absolutely necessary, saving everyone involved much time and hassle. We even got this vehicle out the door an entire week early.