More Convenient Auto Repair

Durango, Colorado Auto Repair ShopWe realize that auto repair and maintenance are very important, while at the same time it is often quite inconvenient for you.  That’s why we work hard at being very accommodating to your needs.  Because we are a smaller and more personal auto repair shop than dealerships, we have the ability to help out better.

Here are some of the ways that we make your auto repair and maintenance more convenient for you…

Complimentary Shuttle Service

At Animas Automotive, just drive on in with your car.  After you’ve checked in, we will give you a ride to your destination: home or work (local only, please check with your service advisor for coverage area).  Once your car’s service is completed, we’ll pick you up and bring you back to the shop.

NOTE: If you are used to the crowded, multi-stop shuttle service that drives all over the county and takes a long time, you’ll love our service.  Usually, you are the only one we are driving and it is much quicker.

Free Pickup and Delivery to La Plata County Airport

Many of our customers love this service.  While you’re on a trip, let us know and we’ll pick up your car from the airport, bring it in for service or repair and take it back to the airport.  This way, while you don’t need your car, we can handle the service for you.

Our Durango Auto Repair Shop gets you back on the road faster.Faster Check-In and Check-out

Being a smaller-than-the-dealerships auto repair company, we offer more personal service.  When you come in to drop off or pick up your car, we take care of you right away. No lines to wait in.  And, a big advantage is that you get to talk to the same person you checked your car in with and if needed, you can even speak to the service technician that serviced your car to ask questions.

Also, we make sure you fully understand your choices.  Plus, we make sure your questions are answered and everything is explained in a patient way using plain language.

24 Hour Online Appointment Requests

With our online scheduling form, you can send an appointment request to our staff when it’s convenient for you.  The form is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Simply fill out the form, request a time and date, then our staff will contact you to confirm the appointment as soon as we are in the office.

This way, you can contact us when you remember, not just during business hours.

Oil Change Service from Durango's Best Auto Repair shopMany while-you-wait services

Some of our services can be scheduled and can just take a little while to complete.  This is mostly for your routine maintenance services like oil change services, alignments, etc.  While you are waiting for the service technician to take care of your car you can sit in our comfortable waiting room.  Here you will find:

  • Free Wireless Internet
  • Fresh Coffee
  • TV
  • Magazines

After Hours Drop Off

We also have a service where you can drop your car off after business hours, such as early in the AM or on the weekend.  To do this, drive your car to our shop and park it in the designated area, fill out the night drop off form and slip  the form and your keys in the envelope through our secure key drop off.  When we arrive in the morning, the first thing we do is process your order and contact you to go over the details.