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Front of Animas Automotive Auto Repair Shop in Durango, ColoradoEstablished in 1996

Animas Automotive started business right here in Durango, CO in 1996 by Dana Lashbrooke.  Over the last decade and a half, we have improved and grown our shop to be one of the best around.  The best improvements have been selecting and development of our staff.  We have chosen automotive technicians (mechanics) for their experience and skill in providing high quality auto repair and maintenance services for the vehicles we service.

Excellent Service to our Customers

The pledge we have made for our business is to provide our customers with such great service that they will tell their friends and family, and they will return to us anytime they have a need.  We are constantly on top of this.

Each customer is sent a survey to determine the quality of service we delivered.  We consistently rank extremely high, always over 95% customer satisfaction rankings.

We are a very helpful and accommodating group of people.  We strive to make the task of getting your car serviced easier for you.  We even provide free pickup and delivery of your car to the La Plata County Airport, 24-hour key drop off, and so much more.  You can read more about how we make auto repair and maintenance easier and more convenient for you here.

Independent Auto Repair Shop Committed to Longer-Lasting Cars

As an independent auto repair shop, we have our customers in mind.  One very important thing to our customers is to make their cars last longer.  We accomplish this goal so much better than most dealerships.  We do this through better and more proper maintenance for your vehicles.

Conversely, dealerships have a little conflict going on.  On one hand, they want to provide maintenance to keep the car running longer, but they do not want you to spend too much on maintenance because that looks bad for the car brands they sell.  Additionally, they really want to sell you another car.

We know cars need more maintenance than what the manufacturers suggest in the manual.  We know through experience and our continual education as automotive professionals they need a little more than this.  This is why we stay on top of the maintenance for your vehicles.  We want you to trade your car in when you want, not when the car has broken down and the expense of repair forces you to buy another.

Durango, La Plata County Auto Repair SpecialistsHighly Skilled Automotive Service Personnel

We are the only ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognized Business in Durango Colorado.  The Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, the ASE, recognizes less than one in 150 shops with this status.  Essentially, this means we have a staff of service professionals that have demonstrated skill and have completed certifications that prove excellence.
You can read more about our auto repair qualifications on this page.

Popular with Customers All Around the Four Corners Area

Land Rover Range Rover in Fall Leaves in Durango, ColoradoOf course most of our auto repair customers are right here in Durango, but we also have loyal customers that come back to us from all over the area.  Customers come to us from all over La Plata County.  We have customers from Bayfield, Ignacio, Pagosa Springs, Archeleta, Silverton, Telluride, Monticello, Rico, Dolores, Mancos, Cortez, Blanding, Aztec, Montrose and Farmington NM.

European Car Specialists

We saw a great need for an alternative to the European car dealerships for service.  As an independent auto repair shop in Durango, we believe we can deliver more personal, more convenient and friendlier services than the dealerships.  We do all of this AND we provide equal or better technical experience than the dealerships.
Read more about how we are the best choice for European Import Cars Auto Repairs here.