About Durango

Durango Colorado Strater HotelDurango Colorado is the largest town in Southwest Colorado.  The current population is around 31,000.  The elevation is 6,512 feet.  Our typical daytime weather during the summer months is in the 70’s and 80’s, and it gets into the 50’s at night.  Making our area very comfortable for most people.  During the winter months, we get about 10-15 inches of snow fall per month.

The people of Durango

The locals like to say they choose to live in Durango because of the outstanding quality of life.  The area is beautiful in the summer and the winter months.  Vistas of 14,000 mountain peaks with trees, streams and lakes are abundant to the area.  The people are friendlier and certainly happier than most areas around the country.

The City

The city is spread out and not overcrowded.  The zip code of 81301 covers 737 square miles and almost 3 square miles of water bodies.  There are about 15,000 homes in the area and there are only about 43 people per square mile in the zip code. In Downtown Durango, there are many local businesses to go for food and entertainment:

Places to Eat

Steamworks is a local brewery and eatery. They are well known for many of their home made brews, and the use of local produce in the production of their foods.

Cukoo’s is a local sports bar, known for their hearty chicken wings and long list of beers on tap. A great place to calmly listen to many sports fans cheering on their favorite teams.

Seasons Rotisserie and Grill is a restaurant located directly on Main Street in Durango, Colorado, and is well known for their sophisticated atmosphere and thoughtfully crafted meals.

Places to StayDurango Colorado

The Strater Hotel is one of the most iconic places in Durango, Colorado. A historic victorian hotel located in the direct center of Durango proper, it is in an ideal location for visitors interested in the downtown area. Only 2 blocks away from the Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad depot, and with 93 rooms available, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Durango.

The General Palmer Hotel is another victorian style hotel centered on Main Street. Built in 1898, this hotel has been standing proud in Durango for over 100 years. They offer many packages that feature exciting things to do, such as Mesa Verde tours and Durango Mountain Resort packages.

Lots to do and see in Durango

The city is situated near the Four Corners in Colorado.  This is some of the most scenic and beautiful areas in the country.  Because there is so much space to spread out, there’s lots to do outdoors.  There is mountain recreation, water recreation and just some great hiking everywhere you turn.  Durango lies on the southern border of the San Juan National Forest.  The area has many dramatic and beautiful areas for sightseeing.

Durango Mountain Resort is the premeir snow-sport location in the four corners area. With resturants, lodging, and activities available all year round. Many people come for a weekend to enjoy the atmosphere, be it snowy or sunny, and to get away.

Mild to Wild Rafting is a local favorite in the way of outdoors activity. Enjoy our lovely Animas river in a safe and exciting environment! Fun for kids and adults from 4-84, thier experienced and dedicated guides can help you and your family enjoy the great outdoors together in an exciting trip down the river!Durango Colorado Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is really what put Durango, Colorado on the map. This beautiful and scenic tour through the San Juan National Forest is an unfortegable experience, relive history while traveling on a coal-fired, steam-powered locomotive.